Let’s Be Real For A Second


I’ve numbered my thoughts. Here you go:

  1. Stop saying you don’t care who wins the election. By constantly posting pictures like “I don’t want to vote for any of these candidates” and “Wake me up when the election is over,” you are BEING LAZY. The future of our country is at stake. You can sit through sporting events for HOURS and SEASONS, but suddenly thinking, filtering through fact and fiction is just too damn much for you to handle. While you’re busy trying to avoid any conversation of politics, others have their livelihoods at stake. By sharing such photos, you’re also perpetuating the belief that both candidates are equal. You’re wrong.
  1. Stop comparing Hillary and Trump. One candidate has more experience than ANY previous president ever. The other candidate has ZERO experience. One candidate is a racist, sexist, anti-gay, transphobic, xenophobic bigot. The other isn’t. This election is about human rights, not policies. A Trump presidency would hurt women, minorities, the poor, LGBT people, and other groups.
  1. Stop bringing up Hillary’s emails. George W. Bush lost 22 MILLION emails. Other elected officials in the past have also had issues with emails. You keep bringing up this flaw in Hillary because SHE’S A WOMAN. You don’t say a word when a man loses an email (or discusses sexually assaulting women for that matter), but damned if you stay quiet because of Hillary’s emails. And, what’s the harm? Do you think all 33,000 emails are suddenly in the hands of terrorists and now the terrorists know everything about America and are just waiting to take us over? I mean, seriously? That type of thinking is xenophobic and it needs to stop. While you’re contemplating the fear of other countries, why don’t you consider Trump?
  1. Stop giving Trump a free pass (on literally everything). Trump has close ties to Putin and Russia. Articles come out daily that shows Trump’s close relations to countries and leaders who aren’t allies with America, but you turn a blind eye. Trump says that he can walk in the middle of the street, kill someone, and won’t lose any followers. You still turn a blind eye. Trump says horrible things about black people, women, other minorities, LGBT people, the disabled, and more. You still turn a blind eye. Trump is caught joking about SEXUAL ASSAULT and you (even many women) still turn a blind eye! Trump gets a free pass on everything – including the most recent bombshell.
  1. Trump stole a billion dollars from America. Yes, Trump STOLE ONE BILLION DOLLARS from America. He admitted that he hasn’t paid a billion dollars in taxes. Schools. Healthcare. Infrastructure. The environment. Numerous parts of America’s society could’ve been helped with his billion dollars that he STOLE from America. You learn this. You hear him ADMIT it. BUT – you still turn a blind eye.
  2. Don’t you EVER blame the “lazy blacks” and the “lazy people on welfare” EVER again. Don’t do it. You’re being racist. You’re demonizing and dehumanizing the poor. If my tax dollars can help feed one family, then it’s worth it. Yes, some people might scam the system – maybe they’re hurt, hungry, and are trying their best to stay alive. What I have a problem with is people like Trump who are part of the 1% and think they can STEAL ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Anyone who pays taxes in America should be FURIOUS. Don’t you understand that the game is rigged for the 1%? Blaming the poor and using them as a scapegoat only helps the 1%! Why do you think they spend so much time pointing the finger at welfare recipients?
  1. Recognize your prejudices.

    A. Why are you so offended by “Black Lives Matter” when all they’re literally trying to say is that their lives matter and they don’t want to be murdered anymore? Why does that bother you? Why aren’t you supporting them? Saying “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean we’re saying other lives don’t matter. We’re not saying police lives don’t matter. We’re saying that black people shouldn’t be murdered. Many black people have been murdered by police for committing no crime. And the last time I checked, committing crimes in America doesn’t give officers the right to play judge, jury, and executioner. Police officers, firefighters, and others have very dangerous jobs. They are respected jobs, but they aren’t above the law. People in these professions should NOT put civilians at risk – even if that means to save themselves. If they can’t make that choice, then they shouldn’t be wearing the uniform. Wearing that uniform means that they put others’ lives above their own – that’s the honor in the job.

    B. Why will you let sexist language slide? I’m offended at hearing a man say he can “Grab women by the pussy.” I’m not offended because I have a mother. I’m not offended because I have a grandmother. I’m offended because when a person brags about committing sexual assault, I am disgusted and angered as a HUMAN BEING. It’s despicable and deplorable. It should not be tolerated. Period. Sexual assault is serious. Because as a society we’re so eager to chalk it up to “locker room talk,” we have rapists who serve a few months in jail (if that) and are then released. Meanwhile, the rape victim struggles physically, emotionally, and mentally to go on with their life, living each and every day one at a time in hopes that they can forget the horrible abuse that was done to them.

    C. Stop the anti-gay prejudice. That bullshit is REALLY getting old. Being gay isn’t a sin. Eating shrimp isn’t a sin. Having tattoos isn’t a sin. Being in an interracial relationship isn’t a sin. The Bible is STILL being used as a tool of hate and it’s SO last century. We don’t care what an old book says. We really don’t. The book that supports slavery, promotes rape, condones sexism, and enjoys war? Yeah, I’m going to choose not to listen to that. Do research about LGBT hate crimes, suicide rates, and discrimination. Listen to people and learn their stories. I’ve shared mine, as heartbreaking as it is. I have empathy, compassion, and love (which is why I’m writing this damn post because if no one will stick up for the oppressed, who will?) and I don’t need a book to tell me how. Stop using the Bible for hate. You shouldn’t even have to ever tell anyone that you’re a Christian. Your actions should speak for themselves.

  1. Your silence is LOUD. Not posting anything political when you know people in your life will be greatly affected by the outcome of the election? You’re being heard. Your loved ones are listening to your silence. Start standing up for the oppressed. I’ve just given you reason after reason to get involved with this election. Do research. Read articles. Be vocal. You have one month left. Stop worrying about what people think. Being silent is biblical. Being silent doesn’t help. Being silent is choosing a side and that isn’t the side I’m on.
  1. Be nice. Thanks.

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